Simple Playful Stompbox




Having a hobbies and a kid in one time sometimes make us confused. which one should i play with in a first row?

so, as a note of this project is:
1. playful
2. simple

the main goal is not a "industrially perfect-clean-smooth-well fabricated" thing but a "pride and joy" stuff. As many DIY-ers said "building a pedal is not a rocket science", so i encourage you that we could make it if we want. 

a step before all step that you should do is: smile and ask your kid, "you wanna play, my dear?"

Step 1: #1. Search a Schematics, Layout, Bill of Material, and Then Buy It...

after you asking your kid, go find a schematics, layout, bill of material, and then buy it...

after your kid agree to play your game, go find a schematics out there. so many kind person that share it for free.
a noob in electronics? not to worry. so many tutorials also. all you need is a passion. :D

i take the boneyard from madbean pedals, since their sound and their layout is so beautiful. and there's so many kind people there that helping me. :)

after the schematics learned, make a PCB. for the detailed process, it's gonna be in another tutorial.
mount every component in their place. solder it...

so the things you need are:
1. schematic
2. tools
3. components
4. smile and fun

make sure when you're doing your part, your kid is doing theirs. :)

Step 2: #2. Check It Out...

an electronics wont be electronics if they doesn't work. check it.

no buzz?no sound?no light? check it again. make sure you solder it right. make sure the orientations, make sure the in and out is figured.

confused? use an audio probe(search it on google,man)

already buzzing? congratulations.

Step 3: #3. Artist Work

hey, where's the artist when you do the previous step?

here they are...

always ask them a questions, why it red, why it blue, why it goes like that, etc. make him/her know about their work. make sure they know their concept, so they'll learn about concepting and thinking, not only a "coloring" job.

it doesn't matter if their work is rough, unperfect, etc. it's an art. let it flow...

Step 4: #4. Final Touch

when your artist finished their projects, check it. it's not a sin when you retouch it with a small finishing such as a lines, little bit bolding or a "cornice" finish. don't forget to cover it with a hardener or a clear coat to make the painting stuck and stay at it place.

now the rock and the box is ready. box it, and then rock it... :)

Step 5: #5. the Playful Box

the final step is, say to your kid, that they do a great job. you wouldn't make it without them.

you got your box, and they got their pride.

now, rock it, dude.... :)



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    oh great... now I need to wait... nmaybe 6-10 years for a kid of my own :o


    6 years ago on Introduction

    hmm, thanks for the input. but can i edit my instruct able now, since i've posted it here?i'm afraid it's too late. :)

    1 reply

    you can always go back an edit! on the right side of all your instructables you should see a box called "author options." click on edit and change whatever you like. fun idea! these turned out great!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    thank you for your comment janw. i thought that the schematic and part list could be found in another site so i'm not explaining it. i prefer not to explain about what exactly pedal is this so diy-ers can choose their own schems. but once again, thanks a lot. :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Its fun to read your instruct able, but it would be nice to read a bit more technical information about the boxes you made. Such as: schematics, parts,....