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Introduction: Simple Pulsejet

About: hello everyone iam steam turbine design engineer. My hobbies are making pulsejet engines,stirling engines,animations.

hello everybody,today iam going to show you how to make a simple pulsejet which costs around Rs.50..This consists of three pipes and some welding experience..I think this is the simplest pulsejet you can find in the are the plans available for you to make..

note: please flare at the end of the intake pipe..



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    I'm sorry I can't respond to you answer ganuganu because it won't generate the "spam reducer", but I have another question, is welding safely in anyway dangerous, because I have begged my mom to weld, but she calls it "dangerous"! I can't weld whatsoever, until I take a "safety course" (which doesn't exist)

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    I dont know your age and your experience in welding. If you dont have any experience in welding then dont do it. Because it is dangerous. Try to buy some threaded pipes and fix it together so it solves the welding problem.

    Dude I have been welding for years. I started when I was like 12. 14 is fine.

    That's a nice build! I can't weld, so instead of welding, could you sweat solder the jet together? I've gotten into pulse jet engines, and would like to build it!

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    Its better to do welding rather than sweat soldering because the welded part should be able to withstand high pressure and temperature. If you would like to build one try to build this its an improved version and very easy to start.. Thank you

    hey hiii!!!! ganesh this is pradeep ... your work on the pulse jet engine is excellent....
    i recently made a pulse jet engine but the combustion is not taking place ... its not self sustaining .... here r some pics plzzz find the problem in that ... cause im in a great need.. ill try to upload the video as early as possible ... by the way dimensions r given below


    yes ofcourse you could use.. but you need fuel pump to inject fuel at high pressure.