Simple Test Jumper . the Clamp Is Non Conductive

i needed to test hb leds without soldering wires to them. my solution was wood clothes pins. i tried just clamping the wire to the solder pad but they fell off. so i drilled a hole through the clothes pin . i chose the size to allow the stripped wire through but the insulating plastic hit against the hole. ithen folded the wire to one side . it has worked well for me .

Step 1:

pick drillbit size and drill hole close to one edge of  the clothes pin .if you drill clear through the clothes pin you can select witch edge you want ,left or right. then i stripped the right amount of wire to go through one sid of the pin with about 1/8 to 3/16 extra. fold the extra to the edge. worked great for me . 

Step 2:

here is what  i was doing . off and on



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