Simple Two Transistor Dual LED Flasher

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Intro: Simple Two Transistor Dual LED Flasher

Hi guys this is my first instruction.Make the dual LED flasher using two 9015 pnp transistor

Step 1: Components You Need

*Transistors - 2 (9015 pnp)
*resistors - 4 (470ohm-2,100k-2)
*capacitors - 2 (10uf)
*LED - 2
*6V DC supply
*jumper wires

Step 2: Circuit

use 5-6V power supply from cell phone chargers or any mobile battery

Step 3: Lets Make IT

[play video] Here i attached the video of the flashing LED

To make the flash time more just change the 10uf capacitor.And replace the 100uf. The flashing time get delay.To make cool effect take both capacitors out and place 10uf and 100uf.



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