Simple Vintage Inspired Floral Nailart




i love those old pattern floral prints. so i tried this simple nail art that will go good on one of my dress.

for this you need any light base color (my fav- off white), light n dark pink, and green nail color. nail art striper and toothpick

Step 1:

apply base color on the nails

use light pink color and put some big/huge dots on nails as shown (that will be the basic flower shape), you can directly apply nail color no need of dotter

use dark pink color and using toothpick add some details (please refer photos)

draw outline, put dot at center and some dots and lines to fill in between (you dont have to be vary neat)

Step 2:

using striper add green leaves just to add more details

apply top coat

and done :)



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    4 years ago

    Cute and really easy :)