Simple,quick and Fun Magazine Bracelet

Introduction: Simple,quick and Fun Magazine Bracelet

have you ever been in a untameable crafty mood? well i have. I will help that untamable mood come to a tamable relaxing mood.we will make a magizine can find the tool and materials through out yout house .

tool and materials

hot glue gun
fishing line or any other string
a colerd pencil or a ds pen
collerful beads

Step 1: Pick a Magazine

pick any magazine you can pick one with lots of words a colerfull one or a dark oneit is yoouu choice.

Step 2: Cut Is Horizontal and Veticale

cut the magizien horizontal and vericale. it is easier to have smaller strips that are about 4 inches long and 1/2 inch to a inch wide  ,if yours is to big just fold it hot dog style

Step 3: Add You Clasp to Your Sting

tie your clasp to your sting ,make sure it is real tight so it wont brake .you might need an adult do this if you are younger.

Step 4: Start Rolling Your Paper

make sure when you roll your papeer it is tight and not loose it makes it alot easier and alot neater.

Step 5: Glue Your Ends

you might need and adult to do the hot glue.when you hot glue it is going to be near your finger so be real carefull.put just a dott and of there is any that pushes out wait till it dries and you can pill it off.if you dont wait till it dries your going to have a stingy mess.

Step 6: Pick Your Beads

pick colerfull, dark and type of bead. you want the bead to be bigger than  what your rolling the paper with

Step 7: Pick a Pattern

pick a pattern of your choice .you can do bead bead paper or paper paper bead any way you want .

Step 8: Adding End Piece

after your fone makeing your paper rolls and picking you bead .make sure it fits you rist then it is time to add the end piece

Step 9: Show It Off to Your Friends

where your stylish bracelett around and know it is a one of a kind bracelet of your own

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