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i was venturing out with a few motors then struck the idea of how to make an easy robot that can be made in 1 hour and ultimately made this in 25 minutes anybody can make it be it a pro or a beginner.

If you find any problem let me know. You could also checkout my older instructable over here .

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Step 1: Go Get the Stuff

2 geared motor (i used 100 rpm you could use maybe a thousand rpm)

a 6 aa size battery pack (or a 9v)

a box

2 large ice cream caps (not shown in pic)

Step 2: Mount the Motors

riddle a hole in the box and mount a hole

Step 3: Battery Holder

stick the battery holder in the middle . you could use double sided tape.

Step 4: Castor

i used a divider as the castor because as soon as it touches obstacles it helps the bot to spin away.

Step 5: Place the Wheels

mount wheels or the ice cream caps onto the motor

Step 6: Let It Free

connect the circuit and vroom.

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