Single Rubber Band Braclet

Introduction: Single Rubber Band Braclet

All you will need is:
• A Rainbowloom

• Rubber bands (preferably rainbow loom brand)

• A rainbowloom hook


• "C" or "S" clips

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Step 1: Choose You Rubber Band Colors

Choose the color bands you want

Step 2: Start Placing Your Rubber Bands

place your bands in a zigzag pattern.

Step 3: Do This All the Way Down

Step 4: Start Hooking Your Bands

turn your loom around (arrow facing you) and pick and place each band onto itself.

Step 5: Add a Clip

Add your clip and pull the bracelet off the loom with your hook in the first band you placed.

Step 6: Close Your Bracelet

put a clip on either side of the bracelet and then put the other side on the clip.

Step 7: Wear Your Bracelet

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