Single Shot Pistol




This is my first instructables so please not offensive comments just constructive critisism. This is a single shot pistol loosly based on another gun I found on here. ~#* I am currently working on v 1.1 with a mag and better handle*#~

Step 1:

pic 1 : make this
pic 2 : make this

Step 2:

pic 1 : make this
pic 2 : make this

Step 3:

pic 1 : make this
pic 2 : make this
pic 3 : make this

Step 4:

pic 1 : put the 3 pieces ,shown in the pic, together to form this
pic 2 : put the other side on to this.

Step 5:

pic 1 : add one side of the casing
pic 2 : add the 2 pieces from step 2 to the gun
pic 3 : add the other side of the casing
pic 4 : the finished gun



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    6 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey guys just did a mod on this added a front grip, knuckle shield, removable stock and turned it in to a model. It looks really cool i can post pics if you'd like.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Cool, but work on that handle :) 4*s, if you get a new 3 layer wide handle, that will be 5 stars :D

    Frankly, another basic standard firing pin k'nex gun. We have too many of this type on here already. Pointless should be postless!