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plans for a basic "funbox" that will improve your skateboarding. i have built many boxes in my life and have found this to be the most flexible and useful design.

please note that the 3D CAD images have 5 support studs where as the actual construction had 6. I decided it was better to have the extra one. I recommend it to you as well.

Step 1: Supplies

2 - 2" x 12" x 6' pressure treated wood. (i used PT since these pieces might get wet)
6 - 2" x 4" x 3' douglas fir.
3 - 2" x 4" x 2' douglas fir.
1 - 2" x 4" x 6' douglas fir.
1 - 6' x 39" x 5/8" plywood.
1 - 1" x 2" x 6' douglas fir.
3 - 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 6' slotted steel angle rods

screws, grill, saw, etc.

Step 2: Frame Construction

Frams Construction is very simple. Just divide the length of your box into equal increments for your studs to go acros. I used six 14" increments for the six foot long box. The wireframs screenshot i attached as well as the photos make it rather straight forward.

Step 3: Rail Construction

attach the three 2 x 4 x 2 pieces to the support studs. I used a little 2 x 4 to space the middle rail support in the middle of the box. After you have the three vertical supports. Attach the 2 x 4 x 6 across the top of the three rail supports. Take the plywood, line it up to the top and pencil roughly where the vertical studs are. Then jigsaw the holes out.

Step 4: Cope the Box

Next take the 1" x 2 "x 6 ' and attach it to side of the box opposite of the rail. This will allow the copeing on the box to be slightly raised. This makes it much easier to lock into your grinds. Take the slotted angle rods and screw then from the sides into the 1" x 2 "x 6' and the railing 2" x 4" x 6'. I recommend using washers because the holes on the angle rods are rather large. Make sure you use steel and ot aluminum for the copeing. Aluminum bends too easily and will prevent you from being able to grind it. That is about it. It is rather simple. I also built a ramp using the left over wood but its construction was not ideal. I plan to make a better ramp in the future which i will be sure to create an instructable for.




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    considering this design, isn't it would better if using a metal rail, an iron rail ? it's stronger though ?

    that thing must be heavy as hell. i have an 8 foot long box and what i did was cut 12 inches off both sides of a full sheet of plywood and fold them down as the sides, then put like 4 or 5 struts inside of it and mine is unliftable. how do you move that thing?

    hey you could build a tech deck fun box using the same method but use ply wood

    my estimates come out to about $138.57 depending on tax and your local hardware stores prices.

    how much will this come out to in u.s. dollars

    What do you mean by a grill? please reply because I really wanna make one of these

    1 reply

    hey can you or somebody tell me how to build the ramp part? and maybe put a price on this? thanks

    1 reply

    i just went to friedmans today, i didnt buy everything but it is going to cost 60 bucks mabey less. i didnt check prices on slotted steel angle rods but everything else only costs about 40 bucks. and i guess the kicker would be no more than 40 bucks also-(probably a lot less for the kicker but i bet no more than 40)

    thats awesome but could you do it in tech deck size

    lol my funbox is a wooden pallet covered with a sheet of plywood, and pvc coping

    how much did it cost, me and my dad have been trying to find a decent funbox plan for under $300