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Introduction: Sketch Pad

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sketch pad is great to have and ease to make and carry it  around in your book bag you can  write on do puzzles and much more so have fun  making and sketching

Step 1: What You Need

what you need a pocket knife  cardboard box  pencil erase and a pencil sharper and if you don't have a pocket knife you will need a knife screw driver

Step 2: Cut Out

now the first step is to cut a piece out the box a little longer then paper  to make room for other stuff I am not sure how to make long to make it I just know that 2 & haft inches longer then the paper.

Step 3: Cut in the Carboard

now step 3 cut into the carboard  but not to deep out line the erase and do the same with the pencil sharper.

Step 4: Poke in Holes

step 4 final step take your pocket knife  and poke holes about 6  in the carboard with your screw driver  then get your pencil and poke holes again to make them a little wider.

Step 5: Done

now you are done congragulations you just made your first sketch pad now go out and sketch me something have fun!



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    I thought so.

    Sorry for your lack of humor but this is something that even the most devoted member of Instructable can do nothing about.


    Aren't you the person who posted the photo showing the drawing of a lighthouse or did you stumble on this page just by chance ???

    Thanks … But what do we do if we don't leave close to the sea ?…

    This is pretty cool --thanks for the instructable. I made something similar years ago to sell, and decided I don't like building things for money.

    I made this easel out of two pieces of 1/4" luan, and added a piece of molding at the bottom for a pencil holder. Just some rings at the top and you're good to go. Extra points for the wood burned name! ;)

    drawing pad.jpgdrawing pad 2.jpg
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    Well done, both the idea and the art work. I have a plastic clip board that also opens with a slot inside and this has always been good for me. My problem is the number of coloured pencils I use so I invented a pencil holder with lid to take with me, It works (for me) . Get a plastic coke or soda bottle. Measure a pencil against it and cut the bottle at the line. Pour boiling water into a shallow bowl and hold the cut end in the water pressing down on the base. This will firm up the cut edge so it's not sharp. Take the top of the bottle and trim an inch or two (as seems right for you) and do the same with the cut edge. Put your pencils in, replace the top and there it's done. It works well and hold a lot of pencils and pens. Hope you try it.

    Did you do the sketch? It is great. This is a clever idea for someone who does sketches.

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    great sketch.. usually the bound paper is called a sketchpad this is more of a lightweight, easily portable drawing board but that point aside it is a great idea . Personally I keep a spiral bound book of index cards in each car along with a mechanical pencil w/eraser so I always have sketching material available, an added plus to the index card is one side is blank for sketching and the lined "back" is great for notes. For actual sketching trips a glasses case makes a very good container for pencils, charcoal, erasers, straight edge etc.

    Thank you for sharing, check out , its a forum for artists by artists of all mediums and skill levels who are eager to share/teach/learn