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About: I am a schoolboy who loves most thing t do with building and designing :)

This is a quick instructable to show a robot sketch up creation that I was pleased with, it was going to be a costume but it looked impossible and decided to go something else, I is entered int the 3d competition, please vote!

Some information on the process:

I started with the feet, I put down a square block and then thought about how to build it up, i started with several layers of semi-circles and by adding another cuboid on top and curving the edges, I decided that I liked the curves so made the legs using a lot of cylinders, the body was another big cylinder that I flatened the back of, again the arms and head are cylinders, I found the more I varied the shape and added shapes on rather that just putting one big block for an arm on the better.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Ill update the instructable with some more info now :) you should be able to vote by signing in and going on the 3d print competition and clicking vote underneath the picture, please vote for me!

    looks really cool! do you think you could tell us a little about your process?