Ski Boot Dryer From Scavenged Computer Parts



Here is a compact ski boot dryer that uses air circulation to reduce moisture. It is made from a scavenged materials: a computer fan, a DVD case, and some corrugated drain hose.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


120 MM computer fan  ( preferably > 70 CFS air flow and <25 DB noise level)
120 MM fan screen
 AC/DC transformer ( if needed, check the specifications for your fan -in the USA, 12v DC and 120v AC fans are common)
Polyethylene DVD stack cover
Polyethylene DVD jewel case
4 6x32 screws (length should be at least 1/4 inch longer than the depth of your fan)
(6 feet) 1 1/4" corrugated plastic drain hose
120x120mm closed cell foam sheet 1/8 " thick (for gasket)

hand rotary tool with small  drum sanding bit
razor knife
soldering iron

Step 2: Construction

1. Cut  a gasket out the foam
2. Cut the jewel case into two pieces at the hinge.  Discard one piece, and cut and/or grind a circular hole corresponding to the bore of the fan in the remaining piece

3. Weld the the modified jewel case piece to the base of the DVD cover.  I used a soldering iron.  Ensure that you have the appropriate respirator and  ventilation to safely weld the plastics you are using.

4. Cut/grind four holes for the tubing

5.  Drill 4 holes in the jewel case and gasket corresponding to the mounting holes at the corners of  the fan.

Step 3: Assembly and Test

1. Insert the tubes in the CD cover.

2. Position  the gasket between the DVD case assembly and the outbound flow side of the fan.   Position the screen to the inbound side.  Attach with screws.

3.  Attach an appropriately rated power supply to your fan.

4.  Test!

Slide the ends of the tubes into two pair of damp ski boots, or one pair of boots and one pair of gloves.  The fan should rest above the boots, supported by the tubing. 

The dryer should remove moderate amounts of moisture from the liner in an an hour or so.   If there is moisture between the liner and the boot shell, you may need to first remove the liner to allow the inside of the shell to dry.



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