Slingshot Hunting Ammo




Introduction: Slingshot Hunting Ammo


This instructable is serioulsy easy to make. rate it as "easy"

you will need:
a strip of lead 0.5 inch wide
tin snips (or something to cut the lead)

Step 1: Rolling

Roll up the lead to the right size of ammo you want

Step 2:

Now cut off the end with pliers

Step 3:

all done



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    ya lol ive seen so many messages were a person is telling to another to learn to spell while misspelling and using bad punctuation (its a spoof)

    Pewter is an alloy which can contain lead. The safest thing to do is eliminate lead from being used on or in anything that you plan to consume or use as a container for consumable items. This is the reason that plumbing solder no longer contains lead (unless you still have lead solder in your tool kit) for use in soldering copper water pipes. Lead fishing weights have been largely replace with substitute materials such as brass, steel and non-lead alloys.

    Lead cannot be sterilized for purposes of consumption. Ingestion of lead will accumulate in the body and has negative effects on the central nervous system. Effects include mental impairment.

    It is true that you can get lead poisoning if you mishandle lead. However if you take proper precautions it is no worse than any other material that you can use and greatly increases the terminal ballistics of a slingshot. Marbles and stones are too light (not very dense) and stones are often irregular and can nick your bands. Usually it is the lead oxides that cause problems since they are easily absorbed into the body. Unless you chew the lead or hold lead balls in your mouth (don't ask, but I hear it tastes sweet) you are not likely to become overly exposed to absorbable quantities of lead.

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    lead oxid not really a problem as it is not very soluble... and the sweet taste... sounds like lead sugar(literal translated from german) which is what you get when lead oxides are exposed to acetic acid

    my version:
    get rebar, cut really short length off, ta-dah

    When you kill game with a lead bullet, when removing the projectile we usually cutaway up to 2in (depending on the size of projectile and game animal)  of the surrounding tissue to make sure as much of the lead and bullet fragments.

    Also a lot of areas require the use of non-toxic (i.e. not lead) shot which is either made of steel, bismuth or a tungsten alloy.

    Aluminum foil is too light for an effective projectile. Might as well use steel ball bearings.

    Great idea,  I like the idea of being able to adjust the size of its projectile bassed on the intended target,  the poster below me is correct you are safe.

    Some Yes But not fishing weights .They contain less then 1% led . This is why new weights are harder to open and close .

    Aha! someone else knows this!! I get tired of having to single-handedly tell everyone that Pewter does contain lead, though it is mostly tin.

    you dont get lead posioning when you eat something you shoot... bullets are made of lead thats why in corny action movies the hero yells eat lead before firin a machine gun at the enemys