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Introduction: Small Boots Accessory With Pattern

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Hello,this is my second post.

Let's make a "small boots accessory" today.

Step 1: Pattern and Parts

size notation / mm


PDF file to printing.

Please download from the web browser.

Note:Custom size at the time of printing.


parts thickness "1.2mm"

Step 2: Make Holes

■see photo
doing like a photo.

Step 3: Sewing

If you want to end of sewing with a single thread,please sewing like a photo.

Into the water,and prepare the form.

Step 4: Finish

bonding the bottom after drying.

polish and coat.

Step 5: Completion

Shoelace and strap.

(I'm sorry less sentences.)

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6 months ago

A very nice instructable. Easy to make in a few hours! This is my result.


kawaii! I love your work anyway. What's the material? artifisial leather?

1 reply