Small Hovercraft





Introduction: Small Hovercraft

a simple,free and safe hovercraft model!

Step 1: Things You Need!

u need:
1 a big plastic or paper plate
2 a pc fan
3 some batteries (12 volts)
4 some tape

Step 2: Drawing...

with a pen draw the shape of the fan
if you want to draw something do it now

Step 3: Cut It!

cut the part u just drew

Step 4: Tape It

with tape (or a glue gun) stick the fan on the plate and put the batteries together (so they make 12 v)

Step 5: Put It in Place

i cant really say much ;)

Step 6: Cabeling

conect the cables and hve fun!!!!!!
by the way this is my first instructable... and im mexican so english is not my language.



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    86 Discussions

    where would u buy a pc fan

    Can anyone send me one? I'm only nine and can't make it. If so, send me a reply.

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    Do most Pc fans in Electronic stores have wires with them? If not what can I substitute it with? ^^

    Can anyone send me one? I'm only nine and can't make it. If so, send me a reply.

    By the way, I'm only a kid.

    Can you send me one, please? I can give you my address if you want.

    doesn't fly....i did it exactly like in the instructables.any suggestions?

    instead of using two double a's and a nine volt
    you should use a tiny a23 size battery.

    I thought of this idea also. After cutting the paper plate and attaching a 12 volt fan motor from an old computer to it I powered it up to 19 volts (the biggest pwr supply that I have laying around) and it just about will hover with the weight of the motor. The voltage will have to be increased well beyond the tolerance of the motor to get a good lift. We need a better motor/ fan combo

    i was thinking of doing the same thing except with a small motor, propellar, a bowl, and a button cell battery.

    Good idea !! but let me gie a another replacement for the batterys ..... the red and black wires of the PC fan to a USB cable..... just cut off the the end that u connect to the load (ex : mobile).. inside u see red & black wires just connect the red wire to the fan's red wire and the black wire to the fan's black wire.....

    is it safe to connect a 9v and AA together?wont the AA explode?


    is it safe to connect a 9v and AA together?wont the AA explode?


    the reason the hovercraft spins is the grooves in the plate, how heavy is the fan.

    maybe you could make an instructable in spanish?
    There should be a Spanish section for instructables.

    I speak fluent English and Spanish so if you ever need help translating hit me up.

    there is one problem with all this hovercraft and that is when the fan spins...the whole thing spins as if anyone have any idea to solve this problem please help me out =)

    I'm sorry but i do not think that this qualifies as an instructable. You instructable needs more detail. For step 4 just putting the batteries would not do. Tell them what sides to put together. And for step 5 you need to tell them where to put it and how to set the perfect center of gravity not just put it in place. So please try to make this instructable better.

    Question from my 10 year old: it does not seem to work for me..! we bought a new fan and new battries. the combiantion of batteries the directions say to put together does not work. the hovercarft does not seem to suppor tthe batteries and it spins very slow. the directions don't explain where to attach the wires to the batteries.