Small Pen Solder Dispenser

Introduction: Small Pen Solder Dispenser

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i saw all of these different solder dispensers made from pens. some worked and some were just lazy, so i decided to show how to make the one i think works the best

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Step 1: Materials

materials include

- one pen like the one in the previous step ( it would be better with a metal tip to prevent nasty burning plastic smell >_< ewwwwwwwww)

- some silver bearing solder for electronic work. ( silver bearing solder isn't necessary i just use it because it doesn't have any lead in it)

tools include

- razor blade ( to cut the solder or pen. it depends on if you are making a field kit or not )

Step 2: Preparing the Solder

Take the ink cartridge and neatly wrap the thin solder around the cartridge.

leave at least one inch of solder unwraped

Step 3: Finish the Pen

carefully remove the wrapped solder from the ink cartridge being careful not to unravel it or crush the little solder spring that you just made because that would mean that you would have to start all over again.

after removing the solder spring carefully slide it into the empty pen housing so that the one inch excess is coming out where the pen tip would normally come out.

Step 4: Enjoy

i find it is good for detailed work.

and some random advice if you are using heat-shrink tubing on a project do not use one of those butane powered soldering irons from radioshack (the heat vents get hot enough to shrinky-dink the tubing from two inches away )

Warning when using solder the iron gets very hot so be careful because burns hurt and we don't want to get any burns{:- (

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