Smallest Knex Suspension Truck on This Site





Introduction: Smallest Knex Suspension Truck on This Site

yes, here it is, the smallest suspension truck on this site. some features:

opening hood
fake engine
opening back door
bad suspension(well, it is puny)
tiny DOORS!

Step 1: Suspension

pretty easy

Step 2: Fake Engine

really easy to make.

Step 3: Main Body

this step will hold everything together.

Step 4: Side Panels

this step will make the truck look cool.

pic 1:back section
pic 2:front section

Step 5: Back Door and Hood

these are the more functional parts.

pic 1:back door
pics 2-3:hood

Step 6: Cab

this part also makes the truck look cool.

Step 7: Putting It Together

pic 1:engine and main body
pic 2:main body and hood
pic 3:front side panel and main body
pic 4:front side panel and hood
pic 5:back side panel and front side panel
pic 6:back side panel and back door
pics 7-8:cab and main body
pic 9:main body and suspension



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    41 Discussions

    I don't have two hinges but it looks cool.

    OMG that is sick awsome dude good job!!!

    its like a mini monster truck

    Nice but i have two hinge connector and i given on to my friend now i have 1 lol
    give me my hinge!!

    can u make indapendent suspension plzz and then show how to make it

    Your car is neat! Im gunna make it now. :)

    i dont  have some of those peices

    hey im bout to build it looks sweet but i got monster tyres and will put real big suspensions i might post couple days after i make :)

    That is a neat jeep-like knex car. Does it has steering? (the front wheels are in a weird position) Still I think it can get even smaller.

    Awesome truck but in the future it might help readers if you tell how many k'nex pieces you used. But overall great instructable very easy to understand.