Smart Person's Small K'nex Pistol

Introduction: Smart Person's Small K'nex Pistol

This is my first knex gun :)

It is a small pistol

Comfy handle
true trigger (of corse)
5 round magazine
shoots green rods
range: 25-30 feet (with more rubber bands could shoot farther)

So lets get building!

EDIT: This instructable got to 4.6

Step 1: Back

Make this

Read all of the notes!

Step 2: The Guts

Put the parts on the gun where shone.

Reed the notes

Step 3: Other Side

Add on other side

reed the notes

Step 4: Finish Trigger

Follow the pictures

reed the notes

Step 5: Finish Magazine

Reed the notes

Step 6: Rams

Build these

read the notes

Step 7: Rubber Bands

read the notes

Step 8: How to Use

This gun loads different than most others so read the notes!

Step 9: Finished

Finally you finished!


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    6 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is Incredible! 5 Stars, as this is the second gun I have built and I am not harsh.


    thanks smartperson.

    as you maybe know we (j and d) have mod it and posted it as the g13.

    so thanks and the credits go for a part to you.