Smartphone + Water = High Speed Photography




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Don't under estimate your smartphone camera in right hands the can give amazing results.No editing just a smartphone is used and no photoshop

Step 1: Keep Calm and Take Out Your Camera

do not worry if you have a cheap cell phone i have a xolo q1010i smart phone around $150. Don't bed afraid of the splashes. little bit of water will not damage your phone just wipe it off if you are more concerned about your phone's safety you might not get good result

Step 2: Shoot in Sunlight

try to take pictures where there is lots of natural light.It will help getting more details

Step 3: Camera Settings

go to camera settings put contrast and sharpness high. you can try different setting which ever works best for you.

Step 4: Create Big Splash

use object like football or just cricket ball's to create splash. the bigger the splash greater are your chances of clicking the right picture

Step 5: How to Click

timing is the key u have to click at the right moment.

  1. First pre-focus on the object where splash is going to be
  2. take some photos for practice after 4 or 5 clicks you will get to know your camera
  3. practice makes a man perfect and you are a man so get to know your camera
  4. after focusing it tell your friend to drop the ball
  5. now don't look into the camera look at the ball with your fingure on the camera button
  6. just when ball is about to touch the surface you click the picture

Step 6: More Inspiration

for more pic check these out all taken from mobile phone

Step 7: Explore More

If you like this tutorial feel free to check out my other tutorial

How to turn your phone into a microscope in two seconds

without any modifications or using extra equipment.

Step 8: If You Want to Take Photography to Next Level

This is a tutorial by me to create a low cos USV for taking pictures.

Camera boat,usv



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4 years ago

might I suggest burst mode? if your phone supports burst mode then that might work better.

1 reply

only sometime burst mode is perfect but if you want a perfect pic i suggest u try manual only...... after taking few picture your timing will improve and you will be able to take precise pictures ...


4 years ago

Heck, yeah, I'm a man! Whoo-hoo! Now I need to go work on being perfect... :)


4 years ago on Introduction

I agree with theSurvivor99.. I've tried to get good picture of my kitty, not only with the smartphone, but with my photocamera too, and in 2000 (yes 2000!) only 20/30 shots are good. Maybe is the subject: I think she always tries to ruin the photos.


4 years ago

You have some pretty cool pictures. I am surprised you took them with a phone.