Sniper Hunt

A game fought with paintball guns, airsoft guns, or water guns by 5+ poeple and an area at least 100'X100'.

Step 1: Get a Field and Players

you will need

5+ players
4 hunters 1 sniper

a fild at least 100'X100' for better game play have at least 300'X500' (evan if it has grass it is not a good idea for a fild. you need at least chest high plants.the area must be increased by the number of pople.


1outpost 1base

1+retrieval item

Step 2: Arm the Men

you eather need
one sub or full auto machine gun (not like the image) for every hunter.
A sniper or long range gun for every sniper.

you can eather have water, paintball, or airsoft guns.

Step 3: Set Up Bases

set up two bases the sniper can only know wher home base is.
the hunters oanly know wher the out post is
the bases must be not camfloged

the item can be aney thing I like uising a fake gold bar.

Step 4: Sniper Mission

to win you half to take out the sniper or complete the mission

the mission to get the item back to the base.



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    10 years ago

    what does this image of the .17 cal mini Browning have to do with paintball or airsoft?

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