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hi, this instructable is to show parents or kids what they need for their 1st year of tackle football 
enjoy:) please comment on what you think

Step 1: Equipment

you will need....
a helmet(not too loose not too small)
a chin strap(the padded ones are the best)
a mouth guard (make sure you fit it)
shoulder pads(don't get them big)
pants (the ones with pads already sewed into them are better)
cleats (don't buy them too big you want them tight)
mesh practice jersey(make sure you get the color your coach wants you to buy)
BTW the best places to get this equipment is Dicks and Academy 

Step 2: Optional Stuff

optional stuff you CAN buy is...

girdle(you need football pants with no pads in them if you want one)
gloves(you want them tight not big)
fore arm pads
mouth guard case
 padded undershirt
padded underwear
back kick plate
thanks for viewing!!!



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    7 years ago on Step 2

    I highly recommend a separate girdle for the thigh, hip, and tailbone pads. Then just slide your game or practice pants over the padded girdle. They make it easy to launder filthy practice pants mid-week as you don't need to deal with loading/unloading pads all the time. I wish I'd had one when I was playing in high school. That and a padded chinstrap. And if you play offensive or defensive line, get a pair of padded gloves. They're worth it.