Soda: Anti-foam Bottle Clip

Intro: Soda: Anti-foam Bottle Clip

anti "glug" device hinders foaming of soda caused by hydraulic lock, i think. anybody correct me if im wrong.
An exciting video of the device in action

Step 1: Materials

1x bendy straw
1x coffee clip or a small clip similar to picture
1x peice of tape

Step 2: Attach Clip and Position Straw

yeah pretty simple, attach clip and bend straw 45 degrees. insert short side of straw enough to where the tip inside touches the side of the bottle. and tape it to the clip.

Step 3: Cut Excess Straw

cut end of straw close to clip. look a like a dis

Step 4: Pour Soda or Carbonated Beverage Into Drink Vessel.

do it



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    That's Brilliant ! lmao

    I'm going to have try try this tomorrow :D