Soda Can Bbq Part 2


Introduction: Soda Can Bbq Part 2

hello ever one today you are looking at my new bbq i added all new parts. the things you need fanta or other tall boy soda can, 2 coat hangers , a sharpy, plyers, and a sizer or knife. im am still the frist to post about grills made out of a soda cans. the prows are being able to cook lager food products and hold more coaland is still easy to clean. the cons are that you can only cook one thing at a time. the improvments im going to make are to make it much larger for more grilling and a larger spachula



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    I agree with Dr_Stupid.
    When using aluminium with hot coals, temperatures could flare high enough to release toxins.

    Not exactly the smartest thing to do. Aluminium has been linked to alzheimers, not to mention the fire hazard. Spend the 15 and get yourself a proper grill. That is just asking for trouble.