Soda/beer Can Strobe Light

today i will show you how to make a soda/beer can light. you can also add haloween shapes and have them strobe.

Step 1: Step: 1 Materials

you will need:
something to cut aluminum with
something to cut paper with
a flashlight
a soda\beer can
an elastic band
plastic film

Step 2: Step: 2 Cut of Top of Can

Step 3: Step:3 Roll Over Sharp Aluminium

Step 4: Step: 4 Cut Bottom of Can

Step 5: Step: 4 Roll Over Sharp Aluminium

Step 6: Step: 6 Put Light Into Top of Can

Step 7: Step: 7 Clamp Can Onto Light

Step 8: Step: 8 Cut Out Paper

you can make any shape you want. The white is the shadow when in use.

Step 9: Step: 9 Wrap Paper in Plastic Film

Step 10: Step: 10 Attach It to Can With Elastic Band

Step 11: Final Product

hope you like it. Try not to dent the can



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