Sofa Made by Paper

this sofa totally made by cardpaper ,and it took my two week spare time.What important is the sofa just spend my 140 RMB(about 20 dollars). I have enjoy it for half year,so believe me, you can have one.

Step 1: Material

You can use the old big carton or go to the store to buy some, it need about 10 cardpaper, anyhow is very cheap, in addition of this, you need some adhesive tape, knife.
Given the size of the reference drawing, along the red line cutting, then folded in half and it's got the support plate of sofa. It will be need 12

Step 2: Drawing

Here need a 1.8 meters long, 1.2 meters wide large cardboard used to make sofa cushion; A 1.8 meters long, about 1 meter wide cardboard back of sofa. According to the drawings tailored, fold as below; Back of a chair is also this way cut folding.

Step 3: Step

The rest of work is assembled.When you finished,you can enjoy your sofa. you better put the quilt on the sofa, so it is very soft

Step 4: Last Process

I had spent more than half a year with the sofa of the paper, it use good.
I also made a tea table, in the same way as well as by a friend a butt sitting on the top, becomes some failures, but does not affect the use

Step 5: Enjoy It. !

if you want more detial you can connect me, my TencentQQ813906645/tell 86+18030078524.welcome to xiamen, here wait for you



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    3 years ago

    Good job, thanks for sharing! A great example of not letting expensive materials hold you back from creating whatever you want, and thinking outside the box....or should I say "on top of the box" haha