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solar panel ->bettery -> raspberryPi

Step 1: First

Here is Nanshan Shenzhen China, I moved in this apartment months ago. Looked at the scenery outside of the window, I was glad that I ultimately got a sunny window to equip my solar panel...

In addition, I play raspberryPI these days, and had run the Thunder downloader on it, which is a Chinese torrent application, so that I can download stuffs all day with low electricity consumtion.

Step 2: Second

So the capacity of the battery on the leftside is 12V20Ah. I soldered a voltmeter on it.

Then connect the battery and solar power to the solar charege controller whose USB is output. There is a volt-ammeter on the left-bottom of the controller which display parameters from solar panel. So, it showed the voltage iof the solar panel was 12.9V and the current was 0A, without charging.

Next, is a temperature-humidity meter base on arduino and a raspberryPi used for all-day downloading.

Step 3: Third

nothing to say.

Step 4: Fourth

So the PI, gets power from solar-battery system connects to my router with net cable, which afterwards will be changed into wireless network card. The kingston's 32GB usb-disk is used as download disk and Lcd shows current parameters which is implemented though PYTHON.

Step 5: Fifth

Ultimately, I manage the PI with VNC on my computer. After start the PI, I need to configure the Thunder on it so that it can start to downloader. What' more, running the python programe to monitor the cpu temperature and disk space is the second step. Maybe I will add the display of network speed on the LCD which is really essential.It's hard to accept that the so-called downloader shows without speed but just disk space. The code is really simple I don't post it.

Step 6: Cost and Pity

solar panel 350rmb

battery 150rmb

controller 120rmb

Actually it's cheep but not very practical.

It's a so-called 90watt panel, but in my case, it's just up to 10watt (13v*0.8A). Also it can just receive sunlight on morning as I placed it vertically and charge about 4hours totally, except that time the ammeter is almost 0A.


It is known the PI cost 0.7A and it works all day long, so


so that means I still need to charge it per several days or turn off the PI if it's in low power.

Disaster...I don't wanner feed it...

Step 7: Update

Modify python code last night as attachment.

TIME N:network speed(KB)

C:cpu usage(%) T:cpu temperature(c) D:disk percent(%)



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Please change the orientation of your solar panel to horizontal or 45'

    the vertical position is the worst possible, you will receive up to 60 watt from your 90wp panel,

    Also important NO SHADOW or partly shadow on your panel

    the results will improve, let me know your progress

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you for comment, I don't have any other place to equip it but just this window, so it's indoor.Another factor is that the glass of this window is not entirely transparent but a little dark. so it is limited by circumstance.