Solar and Wind Power Car(reach to 70 Km With Satellite Remote




it is unbelievable

Step 1: Solar

first take solar panel (12 v )

Step 2: Satellite Remote

IT help to control car from miles with vedio

Step 3: Turbines

we would buy three 2.5 v turbines that will generate power to help car for reaching at 70 km per hour

Step 4:

IT can give energy back to us

  • In summer :

12 v are given by panel

  • In winter

the energy is given by turbine moving through air



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    5 Discussions

    Pat Pending

    4 years ago

    I get it - this car isn't solar-powered at all, it's a WIND-UP!

    With the wind under that solar panel, I'm pretty sure it would try to become airborne. Now, if you made that panel in the shape of a sweptwing airfoil, you might have something.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    You realize that if the turbine could power the car fast enough for the wind to turn the turbine to keep the car running at that speed, you'd have a perpetual motion machine, which is impossible.