Solar Joule Thief

Introduction: Solar Joule Thief

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hey there i am back!.This solar joule thief is my 3rd project. my solar pannel was working good but it wasn't full filing my power needs so i buit a solar joule thief.

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Step 1: Materials Needed -

Electronic components needed-
transistor- 2n3904
resistance -1oo ohm/1kilo ohm
solar pannel

tools and equipment needed -
soldering iron
soldering wire
wet sponge

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Here's the schematic-

Step 3: Resistor Marries Choke !

the choke has 3 wires now the junction of two wires is one ,except that one, solder a 1 k ohm resistor to any of the 2 wires. (ECCEPT THE 2 WIRE JUNCTION ONE).

Step 4: Trnsistor's Friendship With Resistor!

take your transistor 2n3904 and then solder its base or the middel wire to the resistor.

Step 5: Led ? a Twist in the Story?

take your led and then solder its negative terminal to the emitter of the transistor and then its possitive terminal to the collector of the transisitor. also solder a wire to led's possitive terminal.

Step 6: Wires, Wires and Wires. ........

now this is looking like a circuit . after it take a wire and then solder it to the negative terminal of the led. and you've almost completed!

Step 7: Connections and Solar Module.........

now connect the 2 wire junction to the possitive terminal of solar pannel and then the led wire to the negative terminal of the solar pannel. and paste the pannel to pcb with hot glue.

Step 8: Led Gets Murdered by the Nipper! !

after you have done your testing by glowing the led then murder it by the nipper and then solder 2 wires in place of the led signifying output wires.

Step 9: Happy Ending!!!

now hot glue everything to make the circuit waterproof .
enjoy! you've successfully created your solar joule thief .
use it to power other things.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    What's the output voltage and amps from the solar panel alone vs. when connected to the Joule Theif?


    4 years ago

    Looking at the circuit i thinknit will only work during daytime because you don't have storage batteries.