Solar Powered Phone Charger


Introduction: Solar Powered Phone Charger

Do you ever get stuck in the car for very long, or go camping were there isn't any outputs? well all you need to make the Solar Power phone charger is a solar panel and a charger.


: 6 or 5 volt solar panel
: phone charger
: sodering rod
: hot glue
: electrical tape

Step 1: Stripping the Wires

Now you need a cut off the USB ports from the charger and strip the wires. Then strip the wires from the solar panel is not stripped. Don't strip to small.

Step 2: Connecting the Wires

All you need to do is connect the wires and test if you connected them correct. for some resion I had to connect red with black and black with red. Now just sober them together and then you can ether hot glue like I did of use liquid electrical tape. I put electrical tape after the hot glue so it looked better.

Step 3: Using

It might stop working sometimes because it doesn't have enough light. It might not show that its charging but it's still charging.



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    1 year ago

    Dark very dark.

    i cant understand it and i dont know how to make it surely please help me im just a kid <fillipino and 14 years old > help please

    3 replies

    Nice I will probably try this way. I seen different one with batteries and carging chips but this is the simplest way.

    2 replies

    I know but it still works Ive did this for a month before I put it on inscrutable