Solar Relief

..."Oh my Sue Ellen, it hasn't been this hot since that summer of 1997" ...

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Step 1: Idea

.... "I know Sharon, but you know what ? I think I have an idea !" ....

Step 2: Brown Dog It

... "I'm pretty sure we still have some brown Dog solar panels at the Fab Lab. hold on a sec." ...

Step 3: Prototype

... "Found it, let's see if I can get this to work" ...

Step 4: Setback

... "Aww Sharon, I don't think it's working. Hold on .... let me try to turn it around" ...

Step 5: Success

..... "Look Sharon Look !! It's working ! ."

"Oh my, Sue ellen, I think you are right " ....

Step 6: Aaaahhhhh

.... "Oh , it's amazing. Brown Dog's solar panel powered fan feels sooo good" .....

Step 7: Share

..... "GIRLS GIRLS Come on over !! It's nice and cool here thanks to solar relief from USB solar panels" ....

"Thanks Brown Dog gadgets, we love you !" ...

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