Solder Fume Extractor My Way

Introduction: Solder Fume Extractor My Way

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hello I do a lot of soldering on my projects and thought making a fume extractor would be a good idea for my lungs. ok so

tools I used a hobby knife,scissors, tin snips,pen,pencil, Philips head screwdriver, tape, wire and push pins (not shown)
supplies USB fan mesh wire carbon filters

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Step 1: Trace

get a piece of card board and trace your fan and poke holes with the wire so u can mount the fan with the included screws

Step 2: Trace the Middle

mount the fan and trace the inner circle like so then mount

Step 3: Cut Hole

cut out the circle with a hobby knife or pocket knife

Step 4: Measure for Housing Hole

the box ur installing this into needs two holes for air flow so measure a larger area than the fan then trace the first hole then cut it out

Step 5: Finish Internal "heart" Assembly

cut and pin the filter to the fan so the fumes are blown into the fan and place in the box housing

Step 6: Cover Holes

before you put the heart of this project in the box first tape the mesh over the holes u may need tin snips to cut it also cut a hole in the housing anywhere so the fan can revive power

Step 7: Fasten the "heart"

ok your almost done now just connect the fan to the USB mine came apart as to be installed in a computer then drop the heart in to the housing and tape in place . close the flap and your done

Step 8: Finished

thanks for looking at or replicating my instructable this is my first feel free to modify my design to your needs as an additional optional step you can remove every thing from the housing and spray paint some thing on it even

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    @seamster thanks for the compliment ,no the carbon filter absorbs the solder smoke when the fan sucks it up although if u wanted to u can mount a dryer hose the flexible aluminum to a big fan and vent it outdoors that might work


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice clear photos! Do you vent this to the outside somehow?