Soldering Led Smd 5050 to the Cable

Intro: Soldering Led Smd 5050 to the Cable

SMD LED 5050 has 6 pins on the body and the pin is very small. I have to connect its own tricks 5050 SMD LED with a pair of wires. The first would be easier if you clean the sixth pin on the body with a cutter or sandpaper. After you clean it you should be soldering the pins one by one in his body. After all pins are soldered onto the next step soldering tin to copper wires. This is done so that there is lead on the LED pin can be attached quickly and sempurna.setelah that you simply give it a try. If the cable is attached properly and then pin smd 5050 LED will light up with a full (If not attached properly it will make the LED dimmer)



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    2 years ago

    Did you provide common + and common - to each side ?.