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here are some games i thought up yester well i was shooting my sister with my new nerf buzz saw no i wasn't being mean she had my new strike fires

Step 1: Buzzsaw Basket Ball

you need your Buzzsaw gun, three ballistic balls, a bucket

place your bucket open side up ojn the floor or on a shelf rev up your buzzsaw and shoot trying to get your ball in the bucket each time you get it in from 3 meters or closer you get two points any further than three meters and you get 3 points 

Step 2: Buzz Saw Base Ball

you need your buzz saw and a base ball bat
use your buzz saw in stead of pitching rev it up and fire at the batter then when he hits you run bases to get points  like real base ball

Step 3: Buzz Saw Catch

shoot your buzz saw at a friend and they catch it



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