Sony Nwz W273 Walkman Holder


Introduction: Sony Nwz W273 Walkman Holder

sony nwz w273 walkman its a awesome thing on the go.but there some problems i face during i am not using it that is to keep it .normally i keep it on my neck when not listening but gets curved in the wire part as u can see in the pic if u look carefully.cant put it in pocket.cant put it in backpack cozz there is risk of losing the ear-bud and loosing the curvature of the i took this initiative to keep it safe and hold it properly in can also use it for ur earphones on the go to avoid the unnecessary twisting ur earphones cord .

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Step 1: Items You Need

1. PVC pipe 1'' (i used PVC which uses in con-seal electric line u can use any PVC pipe i used it cozz its cheap and light)



4.anti cutter

5.hack saw

6. drill machine

7.table vise

8.drill bit size 3/8'' and 5/32''(u can use as ur convenient size need)

9.screw 30mm or 5/32''(u can use as ur convenient size need)

10. paper clip or u can use any clip for belt hold

11. piece of sponge (optional)

12. araldite (optional)

13.sand paper.


15.screw driver

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting Pvc

measure the length of ur sony nwz w273 walkman's charger holder. mine is 31/2''.mark it on the pvc and cut it with hacksaw. then trim the uneven cut margin with anti-cutter and smooth it with sand paper.

Step 3: Make Hole With 3/8 Drill Bit

measure the hole's size and make a hole in the pvc's both end

Step 4: Now Make the Entry Way

measure the entry way then mark it on the side along the hole.i made the mark a little bit outward curved cut the marked portion with hack saw or anticutter. after that draw a line of 1.2 inches of each side of entry way 1/2 cm distant from the entry way.then draw another line parallel to the previous line at 1cm distant .then cut it with hack saw.smooth it with a file. just at the pics to understand clearly

Step 5: Make It Smooth and Check If the Entry Way Is Alright

now the use sand paper to make surface smooth and the edges smooth. the parallel lines i cut because it will give some room for the neck of the ear bud to enter. cozz the teeth of the entry way will now get some room to expand for entering the neck of ear bud. confusing ??? no prob it will be clear when u will get to work.

Step 6: Prepare the Clip

now i am using a paper clip u can use any kind of clip that hooks in the belt or pant.mark two places with marker where u wanna make the hole but make sure they are in the same make two holes with 5/32'' drill bit.

Step 7: Make Holes in the Pvc

now mark the points in the pvc according to the holes of the clip.the make holes with 5/32 drill bit

Step 8: Preparing the Screws

now mark the screw at 1cm. then cut it with hack saw the smooth the cut margin with file.

Step 9: Attack the Clip With the Pvc

now this is the tough process to attach the clip to the pvc with screw because of tiny space to use the screw driver (you wont have to go through this trouble maybe if u use different kind of clip or you can just glue it but i used screw cozz so i can remove if it is ever necessary.i took the help of a table vise to keep the pvc still. then the next thing was easy just push and remove the inner arm of the clip as i showed in the pic.

Step 10: Adding a Piece of Sponge for Stronger Grip (optional)

i added a piece of sponge for stronger grip with araldite (glue).i used the sponge of a old sandal.

Step 11: Finish

finishing it by smoothing it with sand paper and u can use some paint maybe black to make it look more cool and presentable.

Step 12: How to Attach or Use and Lets See How It Looks

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