Sophie Bag

Introduction: Sophie Bag

this is a cute purse that only takes one ball of yarn! it is made on 16 inch circular needles, size US10 1/2. i used patons wool yellow. the twisted handles are the best detail!



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    Love your purses, I made one recently, see picture. I would like to know how you make the handles.

    Knitting today felted purse 2011 004.jpg

    "sophie bag" was just the name of the pattern. i found it on the internet and it's one of my favorites! it's really not that hard and it's great cause it only takes one ball of yarn (well, depending on the yardage). you just knit a rectangle for the bottom, pick up and knit around it and then knit on circular needles, while decreasing every 10 rows. then you knit 2 i-cords and twist them!

    Curious about the title as well. I like this bag because of it's simplicity. It looks hard to make, but it's not flashy. It's just plain yellow and cute; i love it!