Sour Candy Prank

this prank allows you to cheat your friends into eating nearly pure salt :P

Step 1: Materials

drinkable water
gum with hard shell (or any candy with hard shell)
2 cups
a net

Step 2: Make Some Salt Water in the Cup

add salt into the water, as much as possible, than add the gum...
part of the hard shell will dissolve... that is good, but we don't want it to dissolve too much.
so before it is too late, we throw the gum on a net and wait for it to dry...
I cheated and used a hairdryer...

Step 3: After It Is Dried

throw it into another dry cup filled up with salt.
the gum is sticky right now, so will most likely stick up all the salt.
mix it well, and your candy is ready to serve.
tell them it's the sort of sour candy, and they WILL take it :P



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