Special Effects Fire Light

I wanted a way to light a scene in a movie I was making so I built this fire effects light.

Step 1: I Used What I Believe to Be a Light Bulb Demo Fixture, That I Found at Goodwill.

it had 6 light sockets, 2 dimmer switches, and a rectangular hole for an outlet.

the sockets are wired into 2 circuits, top 3, and bottom 3 each is hooked to a dimmer.

Step 2: Wiring

I altered the 2 dimmers so that instead of just the dimmer knob, they were also hooked to a photocell taken from a $3 nightlight.

photo 1 shows where the photocell is attached to the dimmer switch.

i had to cut 1 wire and connected the photocell in between using about 6" of thin speaker wire.

i used 2 neon flicker type bulbs to generate the fire effect.

the photocells are each attached to the flicker bulbs with electrical tape so that they see the flickering of the bulbs

the complete circuit is in the 6th picture, its a little messy but every schematic program i use was missing a few components i needed in the diagram.

Step 3: Finished Look

when i got the wiring done, i put in yellow and red floodlights.

then i moved the photocells around on the flicker bulbs until i got just the right flicker that i wanted



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