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Introduction: Spider Web Slim Wallet

with Halloween around the corner I decided to make a Halloween themed slim wallet. this wallet is made of 7oz veg tanned leather, has a spider web carved card holder and slot on top for cash.

Step 1: Materials

for those who have not experienced working with leather I would suggest vegetable tanned leather, and around 5-6 6-7oz leather ( leather thickness is measured in oz) anything less for this project may be to thin and easy to make mistakes especially cutting the web for this project I used a utility knife swivel knife, bevel tool, leather stylus, black and green leather dye.

Step 2: Templates

cut three pieces of leather 11cm by 7cm. for the web card slot I just googled a corner web image scaled it in word to fit the leather piece and printed. I did the same for the full web on back. from there trace your images on tracing paper.

Step 3: Casing and Tracing the Leather

get a sponge and wet it, then slightly wet your leather, wait a minute or so so it dries some but is still cool to touch from the water. then trace the images on to the leather.

Step 4: Cutting and Tooling

for the web card slot carefully cut out your traced image on the leather to make it look like the web. (this is the most difficult part so take ur time!) with the full web on the back use your swivel knife to make outline cuts around ur traced web image. then using a bevel tool to depress the leather around your cuts to give it that 3d pop effect. ( you can also use a wood burning tool if you have that and don't wanna do all the cutting and tooling)

Step 5: Dying the Leather

put the to colors you choose into two separate containers. For the secondary color (black for me) take a dry sponge and lightly dip it in the dye using a card board box or something you don't mind getting dye all over rub most of the dye off. then go around the edges and slight midle usuing a patting motion. for the main color green do the same except go in more of a circle motion from the middle moving out toward the black edges. (make sure u rub most of the dye off u can always add more but can't take it off if u add to much and make it a real solid dark color.)

Step 6: Gluing It Together

piece it together (obviously make sure the back web part is facing out!!) then very slightly using a form of leather glue or concrete, glue the edges together, (make sure u don't glue the top slot where the cash will go!) then use some paper clamps and let it set.

Step 7: Punching Stitching Holes

using some form of a stitching marker mark out the holes to punch for the stitching process. then another fun part usuing a awl punch the holes. this will take some time since it is thick leather take ur time and be careful not to poke through your finger!! (if you have an actual stitching awl and know how to stich that way you can stitch while u hole punch.

Step 8: Stitching It Up!

I use a saddle stitch but, if you have an awl or know another stitch you can stitch it that way.

Step 9: Burnishing and Finish

using a bone slicker or some sort of smoothing tool (deer antlers work well) wet the edges with water and rub fiercely until smoothed. I also use Vaseline to help make the leather alittle more supple. this was my first attempt on indestructibles so if you have any questions or I missed a step please message me or leave a comment, and ill help you out the best I can!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea! Will be fun showing it off at the office cafeteria!


    5 years ago

    I find Green dye is never used enough. sometimes its better than your standard black and brown. I like it

    I love the design, and how it turned out! The spider aesthetic is felt throughout the wallet. Thanks for sharing!