Spinning Top Thread Launcher

Introduction: Spinning Top Thread Launcher

Spinning tops are a traditional Hanukkah toy, so what better activity to engage the kids this Hanukkah than with a simple technique for making their own brigade of spinning tops? Honestly, because these tops spin so amazingly well, it's almost hard to believe!

so lets make one for you and play with your friends.

Step 1: Things You Need...

1.plastic bottle caps: either from regular soda bottles, wide mouthed juice bottles, or bottles like vinegar bottles. Any two bottle caps of same size (you can use coca cola bottle caps they works better)

2.pen refill

3.thread (20-25 cm long approx).

4.screw driver,a thick needle or sharp item, such as a hat pin or those metal things you use to hold poultry together for roasting (employed by an adult only)

5.glitter tapes for decoration (optional) and to stick caps together

6.a pen cap

7.scissor to cut refill

Step 2: How to Make

1. Make a hole exactly in the middle of the bottle caps. Some caps have a small bump there, if not eyeball it. A hole not in the center will result in a imbalanced top.

Enlarge hole if necessary by moving needle around while still in the hole

2.cut pen refill from the nib side using scissor as shown in the image

3.insert the pen refill through both holes

4.stick both caps together using tape or glue

5.now finally decorate the spinning top with glitter tapes

and your spinning top is ready to use

Step 3: Things for Launcher and How to Use

a thread 20-25 cm long

and a pen cap

now you can see video how to use these spinning tops and play with your friends make one for you and one for your brother or friend and give challenge like a bey-blade battle, lets the battle begin!:)

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