Spongebob Squarepants Hand Puppet




Introduction: Spongebob Squarepants Hand Puppet

About: I am an puppet creator and a sculptor

this is a puppet my friend zuzanna and i have made for the child of a friend
it has taken us 5 hours to complete including a tea brake

tools needed
glue gun
needle and thread
sewing machine

materials needed
sponge /foam
contact cement
hot glue sticks
fleece yellow brown red white , i got mine at a 99 cent shop so you can find that there (at least in europe)
poliester stuffing

a really good cup of tea
lots of time

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Step 1: Cut and Glue

cut two pieces from a thick sponge and two pannels from a thin one
glue together to form a brick form with a hole inside
use contact cement to glue foam
apply to both sides .wait for two minutes and then bond parts together

Step 2: Mark and Cut Mouth

mark the line of the mouth about one third from the top of the sponge
cut the hole with a cutter,dip the blade in watter because this makes it possible to cut the sponge
without wather on the blade it is very hard
from the middle of the mouth mark a line on each side(top amd bottom perpendicular to first line and cut
in this cut we will glue a triangle which will give the shape of the mouth

Step 3: Glue Triangle

glue the triangles in place on each side of the mouth

Step 4: Mark Top and Glue Top

mark the top piece by placing the big piece you have now on a thin piece of foam
draw the conture
glue the piece you made just now  on top by using contact cement

Step 5: Cover With Fabric

lay the thing on a piece of fabric
i use really cheap chinese fleece
you can find this in any 99 cent store(at least in europe)
wrap in this
cut ,but leave a 3 centimeter allowance   on top and botom for the fabric because you want to cover also the bottom and top of this
bind together with pins before cutting because this will make it easyer to cut and keep in place

Step 6: Stitch

stitch the sides of the fleece on the back of the puppet using a sewing machine ,
cut excess
place on puppet  the fleece you have just sewn.  
stitch the top  first   in lenght and then top side edges using a ladder stitch
this is a really simple and invisible stitch

Step 7: Cut Strips for Clothes

cut two strips of fabric
one white and another brown(if you do not have brown like it happened to us ,use grey)
they were 8 centimeter wide for our puppet

Step 8: Cut Sholders Stick Mouth Board

the sholders are two pieces of sponge that are glued on the sides forming a cilinder
cut this cilinder at a 45 angle
cover some catrboard with fleece and  cut in the shape you desire
bend in two
glue in place using hot glue pistol
glue by applying glue on the edge of the mouth board and covering with the yellow fleece in such way the yellow fleece forms a lip
i  recomend you start with the corners of the mouth

Step 9: Add Clothes and Detail

so the clothes are made from two strips of fabric
fold the upper edge of the strips so it looks nice and glue in place using hot glue
glue to puppet
glue hands(these are made from a doble folded piece of fabric on which you draw  and then stitch and cut excess
if you first cut and then try to stitch it will be a mess
turn on the other side
make the nose and shoes in the same manner
make two hoses from yellow fleece and turn on the other side
this will act as arms and legs
glue all together using hot glue and if you want it to hold for more time stitch all parts together

Step 10: Fun

atach cravatte and have fun with your brand new semi recicled spongebob

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    6 years ago

    This was an epic fail really that does not look like spongebob


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Not going to lie, that scares the hell out of me.

    But it is very nicely made, just scary. ^^


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I have to agree with splinks on this one...