Spray Paint a Triforce on Stuff

Introduction: Spray Paint a Triforce on Stuff

want zelda stuff on your stuff? Do this!

Step 1: Materials

(not pictured)
regular paper
exacto knife
duct tape

Step 2: Black Background

Step 3: Make a Stencil

this is an equilateral triangle and each side of the outer triangle is 7in. each side of the inner one is 3.5in.

Step 4: Triforce

Step 5: The Rest

I decided to spray the rest of the bored black



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    4 Discussions

    Based purely on the fact that you painted a triforce on your bored makes you an awesome person.

    1 reply

    Based purely on the fact that your picture is related to Death Note I'm assuming, that makes you an awesome person!

    Your best bet would have been to take off the trucks and risers right in the beginning and completely spray the board black and then stencil in your Triforce.

    1 reply

    ya it would have been but my brother told me that if I did that I would have to buy new shock pads or what ever and he knows more about skateboarding than me so I just figured he was right