Spray Paint Apparatus




Introduction: Spray Paint Apparatus

I have for many years -Carpal Tunnel syndrome
The Reason is,I have many problems working with The Spray paints...
In make a apparatus for my hands,That  make easy!!!



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    They sell handles for paint cans, and have for decades. Sometimes you can find them for less than a dollar. You can switch cans in less than a second.

    This is pretty interesting, I've never thought of how much a handle would help spray-painting, but it makes sense after seeing commercial paint guns. My question is about how long does it take to transfer a paint canister in and out of the apparatus? Is it efficient enough that one handle can be easily used for a three or four color paint job?

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    you can in 30 sec changed a new spray painting tube
    only open the (sticky cloth) tape

    The connected video is: