Spy Mic

Introduction: Spy Mic

The spy mic is used to create electronic evidence .

this kind of mic can be used by public to prevent abuse and harassment .

the mic which I have made can be used with mobilephones , mp3 players with recorders etc..

Step 1: Step1


  1. 3.5mm jack TRS(3 conductor) for 'line in' or TRRS(4 conductor) for mobilephones and only few mp3ply's

  2. thinnest wire you can get(double strand)

  3. soldering iron (if possible with micro tip)

  4. smallest mic
  5. hot glue
  6. mobilephone or mp3 player with audio recording feature with 'line in'

Step 2: Finding Small Mic

extracting mic from old mobile phones

here it is nokia.

small hole there leads to mic.

Step 3: Take It Out

remove the plastic panels and covers and battery

remove the screws, separate the circuit from body.

you find the mic right behind the hole.remove it gently.

Step 4: From Old Mp3 Player

Step 5: From Earphones

unusable earphones.

open the control unit gently,

samsung earphones has very small mic.

unsolder it .

Step 6: Solder

solder one strand to one connector and other strand to other connector of the mic connectors carefully without shorting them.

for TRRS

find out whether the your recording device (mobile or mp3 player) is following CTIA or OMTP connection standard.

now solder according to the fig.

solder the wires to the 3.5 mm jack ,one strand to the mic end and another to ground.

if you cant find about the standards then try it if it doesn't work then interchange the wires.

for TRS

solder the one strand to last conductor and other one to the last but one conductor ,don't use the tip conductor.

cover it with hot glue.

Step 7: Thats It .

if needed a small clip can be fixed to the wire .

it can stuck inside the shirt near buttons , near collar , to cuff etc...

the recorder can be kept inside the pockets and wire runs from inside the shirt or clothing.

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    5 years ago

    This is pretty cool

    Interesting, very good to know we can create such things from simple easily available items. Thanks for sharing!