Stackable Storage Crates




Introduction: Stackable Storage Crates

I needed simple storage capability in my garage. I also wanted versatility. So I came up with this idea for storage.

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Step 1:

Tools needed
Table saw /
Drill / Screw Gun (and bits)
1/8" spacer (2)
Measure Tape / Pencil
2" wood screws
Safety Glasses
Empty wall
8' 1x12 board ($9.50)
8' 1x6 ($5.50)
8' 1x4 ($3.30)
8' 2x2 ($1.60)

Step 2:

The size I decided on was 12" deep x 14" high x 22" long.

Step 3: Here We Go...

Remember this is the crate size I wanted. 12"D x 14"H x 22"L
Cut two pcs of 1x12 14" long
Cut two pcs of 1x4 22" long
Cut one pc of 1x6 22" long
Cut two pcs of 2x2 11" long
Cut two pcs of 2x2 6" long

Step 4: Custom Cut Middle Piece

I laid out two 1x4s with the 1x6 in the middle.
I placed two pcs of sheet metal scraps (1/8") on both sides of 1x6.
The width of the 3 boards ere wider than the 12" sides, so I removed 1" width from 1x6
Then I used one clamp in the center of the 3 boards  (with spacers for EZ interlocking afterward)

Step 5: Sides

I used center guide of table saw to butt end of 3 boards end evenly.
Place the 1x12 upright and the longer 2x2 on inside. Scribe. Drill pilot hole & secure the two 1x4s only
(center board will be used for top center.
Then make pilot holes and secure 1x12 to the 2x2... becareful to place screws so they dont interfere with first 2 screws.

Spin opposite side base to guide rail and repeat

Step 6: Top Rail

Using Speed Square, I ran lines from middle of center 1x6 to the top of 1x12 on both sides.

Place long side of crate against guide rail & secure the 6" 2x2 with 2 screws
...Hold center of 2x2 to the center line drawn earlier and clamp, drill pilot holes & screw

Same on other side. ...NOTE>>>  At this point, make sure everything is SQUARE!!!
1x12s can tilt AND base can still be moved out of square into a trapazoid

Step 7: Last Suggestion

I left a small lip on both sides, just in case I decided later on to add a full or partial back, and/or a small front panel for rolling things I may place there.

I DO APOLOGIZE for lack of incremental photos of process. I wasnt sure if this idea would work as well as it did. But seeing how simple this is to make, Im sure thepics I DO have will make this instructable clear 

Step 8: Finished & Ready-2-stack

You'll need an xtra 1x6 to keep on the floor so bottom crates will have solid floor...
I'm going back to LOWES for more lumber and fill up the whole wall in garage!!... i hope this is usefull to someone

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    6 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent idea ! …
    Simple, no fuss, fast, cheap and easy ; in a worm : Perfect.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    fantastic design concept. The only thing I can think to add is place a piece of cardboard liner inside each shelf. this way if you need to move a section of shelf thing smaller than the center gap will not fall out, and if something leaks/spills you can take out the fouled piece or cardboard and replace it with a fresh oneand your wodd shelves are still nice and neat.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This design is ingenious.  I have lots of scrap wood and I desperatly need storage.  This solves my problem.  Thanks.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you & glad to be of service ;o)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Those are MY prices here in NC... You may need more or less depending on size and quantity you want to make.