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About: im an avid cosplayer, who works in cardboard, paper mache, foam, resin, fibreglass, electronics and plastic pipes. im a gas fitter by trade and can fix any boiler, fire or appliance and i occasionally creat...

more cosplaying fun this time star trek, im picard, my sone is kirk, my sister is dax, my brother in law is whorf though he spent most of the evening unmasked, my mrs who was heavily pregnant was in the yellow top with a bajoran earing in, the nose kept dropping off, and my nephew was asleep in the pram all night, my freind matt who never makes his costume till the last minute is in the borg costume which was made from scratch by me as a last 10 minute rushed project, its a zombie mask sprayed silver with plasticoat, the arm weapon is made from various plumbing junk from work including pipes and fittings of various sizes and the top is a fishnet bondage top a friend had spare (dont ask), also the shins are nike shinbads sprayed silver and black. Then the glove and trousers were sprayed a little then a circiut board and flexi tubeing were slapped werever they stuck, ie hanging from pockets stuck into the top etc, what you cant see in the pics is his backpack which is a lazertag chestplate with lghts and beeping sounds...........we had the guns and shot him all night lol. 



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    the little guys top was actually store bought, sorry to dissapoint.

    I was wondering where you got the fabric for the little guys shirt?