Star Wars the Skull Loard (Sith)

i had an ultimatefx lightsaber and i made a cloke so i made iron on bones patches i brought a sheet of the iron on fabric and drew on it into bone shapes and cut them out and panted them with white paint an got a small paint brush an put littel streaks around it an left about 1cm apart and made a belt out of black fabrick there is the finished costume u don't have to do actual star wars do what ever u like if need contact email me @

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Step 1: Step 1

make a cylinder with 1m of black fabric cut out arm holes

Step 2: Step 2

make 2 skiny cylinder with the bit of fabric measure your arm length and then attch them

Step 3: Step3

now go to the costume shop and buy a grey spiked hood it will be about $5

Step 4: Step4

now get the iron on patches an look for a huge sheet of iron on fabric and drew chest bones on it anand cut them out use white paint and paint ALL OF THEM ON THE FROUNT ONLY!!!!!!!!!!! NOT THE BACK and paint yellow lines with about 1 cm in between them get a belt or a piece of fabric ti makea beltfor your light saber put dark cloth on an and there youve got a costume

Step 5:

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