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with some old parts, a dimmer switch and black pipe I made this lamp. The dimmer switch has been filed down and inserted into the water valve to act as the dimmer switch. The lamp socket had to be sanded down to fit within the pipe



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    The point is that it is different. PVC would look cheap and too easy (cheasy)

    Perhaps you could put some step-by-step instructions in here to help us figure out exactly how you did this. Pictures for each step along the way would help. Right now it's just showing your finished product, not the steps you took. Not an Instructable.

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    My apologies, I submitted the photo after I was done for a contest. Basically for the dimmer I used a standard dimmer switch. I cut out everything ecept the mechanism. Then used an old pen between the switch and the dial. So if if ever got over twisted the pen would break not the switch. The light bulb socket was bought at Home Depot. I had to sand and grind the socket until it would fit in the pipe. If I make another one I will try to take some pictures of the dimmer

    Pretty bad. A waste of good pipe fittings, thrown together. The gauge too. Why can't you make a wood frame or use PVC?