Steampunk Lantern Lamp

I am looking to make a cool steampunk - style lamp for my room. At the moment it looks okay but it definetly needs improvement (and more themed parts) so I would love to here the sugestions of all the creative steampunkers out there.

The main body of the lamp is a standard "candlestick" style (brass tube with a light bulb in the end). I have added some parts from an old lantern and a round glass orb (actually a small vase)

I live in New Zealand which limits the availability of parts like clockwork or copper pipes .(mabye I should have picked another genre...) so these parts have to be kept to a minimum, go flea market trawling regularly but not luck so far. I am thinking along the lines of a new paint job and some more lights but more drastic suggestions are also welcome. I live in a college dorm (single room) so I am limited as far as tools are concerned. Basically my largest power tool for the moment is an electric drill.

I may invest in a dremel, how noisy are they with standard attachements? Also, how much mess do they make (for small jobs)?

Look forward to feedback



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    4 Discussions

    Winged Fist

    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a very nice looking lamp! I've been meaning to comment, and today I came across a copper candle holder at a local thrift store that looks a lot like your lamp, prompting me to comment. (I've posted a photo for comparison.)

    Since you've asked for suggestions, I'll offer a few: You might want to consider painting some of the exposed metal to give this lamp a more "finished" look. I would suggest a metallic gold, copper or brass paint, similar to tobychan's Steampunk Parafin Lamp, or just a black outdoor rustproofing enamel ("Rustoleum" here in the States), with a bit of gold or bronze trim.

    You might also want to consider replacing the two wires that run around the middle section with actual copper. You might consider some scrap heavy gage electrical wire, (the kind used for wiring buildings) and stripping the plastic shielding. (If you make friends with someone on the maintenance staff of your college, my might just give you some scrap wire;-)

    Lastly, you could double this lamps function, and build a watch or small clock into it, which would certainly give it more of a Steampunk flare.

    Keep up the good work, and I'm giving this project 5 stars for a grand first effort!;-)

    copper candle holder.jpg

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think your lantern looks great! Could you do something like that with parts from an LED flashlight for a light that would be portable and long lasting?

    My Dremel is an old corded model; doesn't make any real noise. My wife has a rechargeable model that is even quieter.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    For your dremel question, they are about as noisy as any other machinery. They can leave a fair amount of dust, so its better if you use it in a place that's easy to clean.