Steampunk Radio Tube


Introduction: Steampunk Radio Tube

small and simple guide for steampunking your radio tube.

Step 1: Tools Needed and Safety.

safety glasses

when working with glass you cant do without.

dremel with cutting disc
plastic bag
super glue
hot glue
small hammer.
soldering iron


small radio tube. i used a Philips 1€
small light bulb
2 pieces of wire
2x aa battery
battery holder 95ct €
battery clip 95ct €
schrink tube
1 resistor

Step 2: Prepare Your Light Bulb.

wrap your light bulb in the plastic bag,and break the glass with the hammer. Remove everything in the fitting and at the bottom.

Step 3: The Radio Tube.

cut off the legs from the tube. 1 note:
do not push with the dremel. Just let it do its job. If you start pushing the glass will crack.

Step 4: Last Steps

after you soldered the led and resistor together you glue the tube in the fitting with super glue. It will take a few seconds but it will hold.
Push the led tru the bottom all the way up to the tube. Hold it there and fill it with hot glue. I tried super glue but that wasn't working.



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